Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chayli is here

She's here
Complete with little pink bow
Chayli was born on August 23, 2010 at 1:04pm.  She is a tiny little girl weighing in at 6lbs 8oz and 20 inches long.  She even had a tint of red hair when she was born but now we are not sure.  She is so much fun to have at our house.  The boys all love her and just check on her every 5 minutes.  It's really cute how much they care about her.
The boys 1st time to see her.  Gunner was asleep in the car with Grandpa.

Going home!!  Thanks for the bow to match Aunt Abbi!
All ready to go.  Grandma Jann and Aunt Abbi surprised us with a pink car seat cover that she made.
 We have had a few run ins with the Gunner bear not being the baby anymore.  First off, he has been running a fever thanks to his 2 yr molars that are coming in and was a bit grouchy.  I was holding and rocking him and he soon jumped down and ran and played.  I then picked up Chayli and was rocking her and Gunner came back in and started crying and pointing at Chayli.  He looked at me and said, "No mom that's my spot not Chayli's."  It was cute and sad all at the same time.  
I also picked Chayli up and said come here little princess.  Gunner looked at me and said, "that's no a princess that's Chayli."  He is very cute and definitely a little out of place having someone else being the baby.  He hasn't attacked her yet so we are good.  
So excited we are all home safe and sound
 Carson, Peyton, and Parker are all big helpers and love to hold her and help mom get the diapers and wipes.  They can't believe how small Chayli's diapers are.  They are all being really good with the new addition. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carson the big 1st grader

First day of 1st grade
Carson with Star Wars Backpack
 School started for Carson this morning.  He is going to Pioneer Elementary this year since we moved we changed school boundries.  We went last night to meet his teacher and are very excited for Ms. Sullivan this year.  We loved Mrs. Pfeiffer last year and hope this teacher will be just as great.  A lady in our ward says that she is really great and most of her kids have had Ms. Sullivan.  
Carson with Ms. Sullivan
 He picked out his clothes and made sure his Lego Star wars backpack and lunch box was filled with his school things, and was excited to go this morning although I think he was a little scared which he has every right to be.  I hate new things dealing with change and I could sense he did too.  Anyways I had Jeff come sit with the other kids while I took Carson to school.  As we were pulling up he asked if he could ride the bus home.  I told him I was planning on picking him up but if he wanted to ride the bus he could.  He chose the bus.  
Once we were there he also asked if I could take him to the playground and help him find his teacher.  I told him I would and off we went.  We found Ms. Sullivan and she showed him were to put his backpack and off he ran to play.  I know he will do really well in school.  
I also hope he has a better first day this year than he did last year.  A little kid stole his lunch last year on the first day.  It was sad.  I made sure his name was written on everything and in plain site this year.
We love you Carson and I will admit I was really sad when I got back to the car.  You are such a good little helper with your younger brothers that I will miss your help.  Love you buddy.
Off to play!!
Bye Mom

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing Catch--Up

Once again it has been a while.  Lots has happened and still waiting on others to happen. 


Gunner turned 2 on April 5th.  He got a scooter for his birthday and has loved it ever since.  Little did we know when we bought it that he would be a #1 fan of Buzz Lightyear!  He even thinks he is Buzz Buzz.  He has been so fun to watch grow up.  He follows his 3 older brothers and does (tries) everything they do.  He has the cutest facial expressions and is pretty much a happy boy!!

Chad and I also attended the Nascar races out at PIR!!!  What a rush they are to watch.  My favorite part is watching the flyover during the National Anthem each time.  

We also moved from our apartment into a house.  We have double the room and the boys are in heaven.  They can play hide-n-seek and it actually takes them a while to seek out their brothers.  There are so many hiding places.  We also have a backyard.  It is just rocks but they each have a dump truck so it's not so bad.  We were able to bring the trampoline down and they have enjoyed being outside.  (not so much anymore in the 105 degree temps)

The exciting May news probably most already know is...we are having a baby GIRL August 30th.  We are very excited and a little scared all at the same time.  During all my Dr. visits my Dr. would do an ultrasound to measure the baby. We were never really able to tell if it was a boy or girl.  I just kept asking for an ultrasound every time I went in until we were able to determine it was in deed a girl.  He told me he couldn't get a good enough picture to print out for me.  I told him I didn't need a printed picture of girl parts just verbal is good enough for me to start gathering girly things.  Glad my sisters and sisters in laws all have practice with girls because they will definitely have to help me out. 

Chad taught Peyton and Parker to ride their bikes with no training wheels.  They caught on really fast and are now pros.  Way to go boys.  Carson and Gunner also enjoy riding their bikes and scooters in the cul-de-sac.

Carson finished Kindergarten May 27th.  They don't have kindergarten graduation but are sprinkled by the principal with 1st grade dust.  Carson was not a fan and tried to dodge Mrs. Apel but she did get some dust on his head.  We are sad that he won't be going back to Val Vista Lakes Elementary but will now be a Pioneer Prospector.  We lucked out and had an awesome teacher for Kindergarten.  Thank you Mrs. Pfeiffer and Mrs. D. for all your hard work in teaching Carson.
We are proud of you Carson and hope you have as much fun in 1st grade.

We have also been enjoying swimming as much as we can to stay cool.  The boys love the pool here in our community because the hot tub and the pool are connected.  They just have a wall in between so they just climb over the wall to get warm in the hot tub.  Chad is a good sport and does most of the swimming with them.  They love to jump off his shoulders and do tricks into the pool with him.


In June we went and visited Marci in Eager to bottle some chicken.  I had not been to visit for about a year.  I was not in town 30 minutes and her neighbor told us that a plane just crashed into the high school.  Wow can her town come alive.  There were people everywhere.  Police officers all over the place.  Fire engines surrounding the school putting out the blaze.  News media choppers flying overhead.  It was crazy.
(This is the part that burned)

I was working on my friends baby shower invites and the boys caught on and wanted to stamp with me.  It was not so bad.  They had fun and it kept them occupied for a while.


For the 4th of July we headed back up north to the cool country of Greer.  Chad's parents rented cabins and the whole family was there.  The kids had a great time playing legos, swimming in the jacuzzi, playing in the creek, eating donuts and fishing.

Chad decided he was going to go hike the mountain up to the rocks above.  Off he went.  We got a call about 30 minutes later to walk out back on the porch and look.  He made it to the top of the rocks.

We also went into Eagar for the parade.  Grandpa Ric and Grandma Jann took the mules over for the Haw's to ride in the parade.  Since we have a few connections we got to ride with them.  I will admit it was hot but we had a lot of fun. 

July 8th Abbi, Marci and my mom came down to my house for Ami's birthday.  No Disneyland this year due to my status.  Maybe next year we can go again.  We did have fun though.  We went to the Diamondbacks game on Thursday night where they did win believe it or not.  We all got a free cookie from Subway and because they scored 10 runs we got free tacos at Taco Bell.  Way to go D-backs. 

Friday morning after cashing in our free cookie coupons we all went and got pedicures.  Wow that was awesome.  We now all have pretty toes. 

That night we were going to go bowling but went and ate at Chili's first.  Ami had a coupon for free appetizer and also a free desert for her birthday.  So by the time we ate our meal in the middle we were all very stuffed.  When we were done we were all so stuffed there was not going to be any bowling for us.  We opted to go and walk around some stores and do a little window shopping. 

Saturday morning we planned to do some more shopping.  It included a trip to Ribbons~n~Lace to get ribbon so Abbi could make this sweet baby girl some bows.  She informed me the "I'm going home" bow was going to cost the most but it is a special one.  Abbi was in heaven in that store and said if she lived here she would get a job there.  We then went and ate lunch at Cracker's and Co.  What yummy sandwiches they have. It was a great weekend and hope Ami had a great 26th Birthday.  We love you Mame!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Know You Live In A House Full Of Boys when...

Your 4 BOYS are sitting at the table eating Sunday dinner. Blessing has been said and Chad and I had just sat down on the couch. Peyton pipes up and says, "hurry, quick Parker pull my finger." Chad and I lost it and were trying not to let the boys see us laugh. It was so hilarious. Wonder where they learned that from, NOT their mother. Boys will be boys!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Well I have taken a blogging break and have decided I will try to remember some of the fun things that have happened in our family since Halloween.


We were able to go to Snowflake for Thanksgiving. It was just my family this year. The kids had a blast hanging out playing in the dirt and chasing Smooch around. We had a wonderful dinner with plenty of leftovers. We then loaded up poor Jill and Lil and went for a mule ride around the block.

We stopped at a neighbor of my parents and loaded them all up with us. We had quite the load and Jill and Lil were amazing. We then came back put the saddles on the mules and rode them up and down the road. I will admit I have not been on a horse in who knows how long and when I got up on Jill I was terrified. She went over on the side of the shop and my dad had to come rescue me. My parents and sisters all had a good laugh at me trying to tell this big beast where to go. We finally made it to the end of the road and back. I was scared the whole time. Good times were had by all.


When we came home from Pima first part of December we brought the Christmas tree back so the boys could decorate it. Boy were they excited. It was pretty for a few days then half the lights decided they didn't want to work even though the tree was only 2 years old. Oh well the boys still loved all the decorations. The older boys went back to Pima a few days before Christmas with Cindy and Allison and I had the tree down and in the dumpster before Chad and I left for Pima. I was done with the ugly, broken tree. But I found a new one for next year so all is good. (hopefully)
The boys all sat on Santa's lap over here at Dana Park. We went with Cyndi and Todd and the kids all did good. They gave each child a candy cane, a coloring book and some reindeer food to put out for Santa and his reindeer. It was a fun night.
Carson got to go shopping for Christmas gifts at his school store this year. All by himself. He was so excited. I had to send in money and they helped him shop, gave him bags to wrap them in and he was set to go. He came home from school that day and was so excited to wrap them for all of us. He truly is a sweetheart and thinks of others all the time.
On the 20th of December there was garden train show going on in the valley. We decided to go check it out. This man has a huge back yard that is full of model train track. His shop is full of engines and freight cars. The boys were all in heaven and thought it was the coolest thing. He was going to expand his track even more. How fun would that be to go out and drive trains all day in the backyard. Some of the trains had more than 50 cars at a time. He had about 5-7 trains going at a time. It was amazing.
We were in Pima this year for Christmas. It was wild and fun all wrapped up together. Aren't the boys so handsome all dressed up in there Sunday best.

Christmas eve we ate at Uncle Jim and Aunt Brenda's Mexican fiesta. That food is the best...Red chili, tamales, taquitos, and rice. We had a special visitor. Santa showed up and a few of my kids were in tears. They don't like Santa. But being the mean mom that I am grabbed them and made them sit on his lap. Everybody needs a picture of them crying on Santa's lap. I have my fair share and I was like 10.
Where is Parker you might ask? Parker was holding on with dear life to Chad and Chad would not let me have him. That's why there is not a picture of him. Good thing I got one of him on his lap in Gilbert. We then went over to the stable and participated in the live nativity that the Alder's put on every year. Carson was a wise man who traveled afar. I couldn't get the twins to dress up. Oh well maybe next time.The kids had a fun time and it was fun watching them come down the hall Christmas morning.
They all got trains, remote control cars, a batman thingy, and plenty of hot wheels.
We also had good company the whole time we were there. The kids love going outside and just running around and I love not having to worry about them. They were definitely worn out each night. This is how Parker fell asleep one night.
They can't get out and run in Gilbert unless I go down and watch them. It is fun to have cousins to play with and have fun with.

New Pictures---

I had my friend take the boys pictures for me. They turned out awesome. I love them. The one of the twins crack me up because this is my life everyday. Someone is always being picked on.


We started January off with Carson losing his 1st tooth. He came home from school and worked on it all by himself. He was sitting by the couch and I was at the table. He came over and said, "mom I have a loose tooth." I just thought it was a little bit loose but when I felt it, it was really loose. I told him to pull it out. He reached in grabbed a hold and pulled it out. It was disgusting. I could hear the roots break loose and he handed it to me. I can remember laying across my dad's lap and him having to pull all my teeth. He has since lost a second one and he pulled that one all by himself also.

We put Carson in soccer. It is his first year playing and he actually does pretty good. His first soccer game happened to be on his 6th birthday.
So we were off to soccer and then straight to Red Robin to eat for the birthday boy. Grandma and Grandpa Bryce came down to watch and Aunt Mame and Chelsie came also. He had a good time and we all enjoyed the great food and company. He got a new legos police headquarters, a DS, books, nerf gun, and clothes. Thanks for all the gifts and phone calls, it really made his day.We partied so hard Gunner could not make it and almost fell out of the high chair. Good thing Grandpa has quick reactions and was able to catch him before he fell.
He also wanted to decorate his birthday cake by himself. It was beautiful and full of sprinkles of every color.
We have spent many afternoons at the park with friends. The kids play, the adults socialize and fun is had by all.

We also took a trip to Snowflake to surprise my dad for his birthday. It didn't exactly work because he got sick and couldn't come eat at La Casita with us. The rest of us went without him and went back to the house for cake and ice cream. He got to feeling better a few days later and took me and the boys out to the new windmills they put up on the way to Holbrook. We went to the office and he asked if we could drive up to them. A guy escorted us right up to where they were. Those things are huge.

Peyton and Parker were asked to go to there room and not come out till the room was clean. A while later Parker comes in the living room and I tell him to go back and clean. He then informs me Peyton is not helping cuz he fell asleep. This kid can sleep anywhere.
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month the Alder cousins that are here in the valley get together and pick a restaurant to go out to eat and enjoy each others company. Dad gets left home with the boys so mom can go hang out. This is how hard babysitting is here. Give em a bowl of popcorn with a movie and they are all happy. Chad is really good with the boys and they love having him stay with them. Us girls have a blast. We just eat and laugh and laugh at all the fun memories we used to have living down the road from each other. This month was on Cassi's birthday. Happy Birthday Cassi!!
Carson also had his first music program at school the Friday before Valentines. They sang a few songs about Valentines for us. It was cute.


We tried our hand at swimming the other day with the kids. The main pool here at the apartments is heated so we thought no big deal. The weather was nice let's go. We got over there and the water was freezing. I asked the maintenance man if it was heated year round and he said it usually is but the heater went out the other day. Bummer!! But we still had fun swimming in the hot tub with dad.

That is all for now. Sorry it is so long. I will try to do better but really no guarantees.